Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The company is paying Rs. 1500 for JioPhone costing Rs. 2500: Report

New Delhi: Shipping of Reliance Jio's handset Geophon has started on Sunday, and in the meantime it is coming out that the phone comes with a subsidy of almost 40%. The cost of this geophone is Rs 2500 but the company is making it available at Rs 1500.

According to the report of Reuters, the cost of assembling a live phone costs around 2500 rupees. It is much more than the deposit that the buyer has to pay. Here the price has been deposited because the amount paid for Geophon is refundable. The company is giving it a chance to buy at Rs 1500 in the grocers.

Apart from this, the news is that Geo has changed the return-refund policy for his geophone. According to the Economic Times report, Geo-users can return to GeoPhone for 3 years i.e. 36 months prior to the new policy. But for some conditions, Geophos will return only in the first year, they will not be given any refund on behalf of the company but they have to give Rs.1500 and GST.

Even if the user returns 12 to 24 months i.e. after one year and within two years then it will be given a refund of 500 rupees from Reliance Jio. If a customer calls this phone within 24-36 months of geotrophone returns, then the company will pay Rs. 1000. Besides, if you return your smartphone after 36 months, then you will get a full refund of Rs. 1500.

As the chairman of the company Mukesh Ambani said during the launch of Geophone on July 21, the Geo Phone Effective will come with a price of Rs. For this, Rs 1500 will be given in the initial time and 36 months later, the amount will be refunded.


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