Saturday, 23 September 2017

If you accidentally deleted the phone from the phone, then get back to this 5 step

Gadget desk: Sometimes deleted photos of users’ work photos are deleted from the phone. Or if a virus comes, it gets curtailed. There are so many users who can be with this, but there is no need to panic about this. You can easily recover deleted photos that you have to download only one software from the Internet.

Photo locking: Phone memory or memory card
To recover a photo, you must first check whether the deleted photos were in a phone memory or a memory card. You can use photo saving location to get this idea. You can also find savings locations in photos taken from Bluetooth or any other apps.
After downloading: You have to take a full backup of the memory card in the computer. It is necessary for this to happen because no file tax is taken from the card during the recurring.
Phone memory should not be used
If the photos are saved in the phone memory, new photos should not be given, the camera will delete the deleted photo of the operating system and the new photos are replaced. Permanent deletion of deleted photos will be deleted. There is a lot of difficulty in recovering the deletions at the end.
Note: A deleted memory card removes the memory card which does not appear to the users. At such a time, if the memory card is formatted, it may be difficult to get a back-up of deleted photos.
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