Thursday, 21 September 2017

Whatsapp New Super Feature

Whatsapp New Super Feature
WhatsApp will probably be able to delete the message sent by mistake Gujarati Gizbot 20 Sep. 2017 15:01 All of us have always sent some other message to someone else in our life, and sometimes we have sent a different message to someone else, and it is very late before we know it, and after that it is not possible to undo the message. No way. WhatsApp will soon send you the message It seems that this situation will change soon. WhatsApp can introduce a new feature that will allow you to send unsolicited texts that you've sent inadvertently, currently available in the latest WhatsApp Beta, this feature has allowed users to delete already sent messages. According to the report by WABetaInfo, Android internal are testing that feature. The latest WhatsApp beta is going on to its late dedicated recall server. However, because this feature is in beta, people who do not register in the beta program will have to wait a little longer. Well, the time it takes before the feature is declared, the ability to memorize messages will be very useful. Sometimes, you can send a message to the wrong person, who takes you into serious trouble. So, once WhatsAppSet is activated with this feature, then you do not have to worry anymore. What's more, after deciding to memorize your message, you will not be able to see what's written on the recipient's notification area. In place of the missed messages, there will be a text that reads, "This message was deleted." At the moment, it is difficult to say when this facility will start properly for the public. Also, if this feature is available on Android and Android versions of Android, then it is unclear.
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