Sunday, 3 December 2017

Whatsapp Launches New Feature ‘Delete for Everyone’, Learn What’s Special

Whatsapp has launched a new feature ‘Delet for Everywhere’ officially. In a few days it was discussed that Whatsapp is testing this feature. This feature has started for Whatsapp, android, ios, windows users.

This feature has been started for you to delete the message sent by mistake. The user will also be allowed to delete the message for seven minutes after sending the message. This feature is not only for text messages. Users can delete photos, videos, GIFs, contacts etc.

According to media reports, the latest version of Whatsapp should be in the smartphone to take advantage of this feature. ‘Dealit for Everywhere’ will also be included in the personal chat with the feature group. However, if these messages are not read, they can be deleted.

Not only this, Whatsapp is also working on editing the sent message. However, it is not clear now that when this feature will start in Facebook. Whatsapp is the world’s largest messaging company. Through which 1 billion people communicate every day.

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