Sunday, 21 October 2018

Trick: Do Not Want To Show Personal Whatsapp Chat, Please Do Hide

Do you want to know how to hide chat in WhatsApp?
If yes then you are at the right place.
WhatsApp is the king of all instant messenger. With over 600 million active users it certainly rules the instant messenger market kingdom. WhatsApp has provided many facilities in WhatsApp app but some features are hidden in WhatsApp. There is no direct functionality for some options like hiding a chat in WhatsApp. There might be a situation when you only want to hide a whatsapp chat but do not want to delete it. If that is the case then this post of how to hide chats in whatsapp is really gonna help you. So keep reading this whatsapp chat hide tricks post.
How to hide conversation on whatsapp
Earlier there were no way you could enable hiding in WhatsApp. But as the user base of WhatsApp application grew, a lot of WhatsApp users have demanded it. In the recent updates WhatsApp has now provided hiding a conversation or chat in WhatsApp appliaction. So everyone now wants to know how to hide chats in WhatsApp. In this post I will share the info about how to hide a conversation on WhatsApp for all popular device. This WhatsApp trick will supported in android, iOS, Windows plateform.
When you delete a conversation on WhatsApp there is no way you can get it back. But if you hide or archive a message you can get it back anytime. I will also share how to bring back the hidden chats in WhatsApp. So just follow the steps mentioned for how to hide chat in whatsapp.


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