Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Students Of Government School Students Will Now Be Examined Every Month

In order to improve the level of education across the state, now the government will take examinations of teachers as well as take the students' exams every month. From now on all the government school students will not only be six monthly or yearly but will also give a monthly examination.
If the level of education of government school children goes down compared to private schools, these children can not show enough performance in the examination of standard 10 and 1 in the future and in competitive examinations, which will then be examined for the study which was done at the end of every month.
The results of the students are being weakened in the yearly and annual festivals held in government schools, due to which proper monitoring was not done.
Students will be asked to test them during those months during the study course. With this test of the students, teachers will also know how much the students are remembering. On Saturday, students will not be taught in schools, their space and sports culture and social activity will be done.
A profile of what children are going to do on Saturday is being prepared. The list of activities to be done by the education department on Saturday will be sent to all the schools, which will be strictly implemented by the teachers.
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